Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ubiq-Freeom UTM - Deep Dive

I will go a little in-depth and talk about the Ubiq-Freedom UTM -

What is a UTM ?
  • UTM or a Unified Threat Management System is an all-in-one security product with features like Firewall, Proxy, Mail, Content Filter, IDS, Anti-Virus etc. It is a solution which typically sits at your Gateway between your Edge Router and your network. You can read the wikipedia link here.
Firmware -
  1. The Ubiq-Freedom UTM firmware is based on Linux From Scratch. LFS is a project which gives detailed instruction on how to create your own customized linux distribution (Read here to know more about LFS.
  2. The Ubiq-Freedom UTM is available as an ISO Image in sourceforge. The size of the downloadable image is less than 150 Mb. Anyone can download this ISO file and use a tool like CDBurnerXP to write to a CD.
Hardware -
  1. You will need a system which has at least 80 GB Hard Disk and 3 Network Cards.
  2. To use the different features of the Ubiq-Freedom UTM, it is best that you have at least 2 GB RAM on your hardware.
  3. Note, that the existing data on the Hard Disk will be completely lost. The CD Installer formats the Hard Disk completely.
Installation -
  1. The user can then install the Ubiq-Freedom UTM using the CD on a standard hardware.
  2. The CD Installer is based on ncurses and has a very simple interface. It offers the user a choice to configure the Ip Address, Netmask, Hostname, Primary DNS Server and the Root Password for the Ubiq-Freedom UTM.
First Steps-
  1. Once the Ubiq-Freedom UTM has successfully been installed, access the Web Interface by using the URL https://:40000. If you have not provided any Ip Address during the Installation then, the default Ip Address is
  2. Login with the username "ubiqfreedom" and password "ubiqfreedom". You should change this password before the actual deployment of the Ubiq-Freedom UTM.
  3. Follow the steps mentioned in the page after the Login. These steps are -
  • Create an account to register in the free-utm portal
  • Configure the basic setup in the Ubiq-Freedom UTM and then upload that information to the free-utm portal.
  • Configure the rest of the settings (like Firewall, Proxy, Mail etc) in the free-utm portal.
  • Apply the settings in the Ubiq-Freedom UTM.
  • You can now start using the Ubiq-Freedom UTM.

Final Steps
  1. Change the password for the "root" user in the Ubiq-Freedom UTM, if you have not already done so. The default root password is "ubiqfreedom". This is the system password. You can login to the Ubiq-Freedom UTM using a Keyboard or over a SSH connection.
  2. Change the password for the user "ubiqfreedom" in the Ubiq-Freedom UTM, if you have not already done so. The default password for this user is "ubiqfreedom". This is the password that is used when you access the Web Interface.
  3. Take a complete back up of your settings and changes that you have done on the Ubiq-Freedom UTM.
  4. Drop us an email with any comments. Your suggestions and feedback is always welcome.
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