Thursday, March 25, 2010

Deploying the Ubiq-Freedom UTM

Let me talk about a few normal ( and run of the mill ) deployment scenarios of the Ubiq-Freedom UTM
  1. The Ubiq-Freedom UTM will usually be deployed between your Edge Router and the LAN.

  2. It can also deployed between the Head Office Network and a Branch Network. This should be done right before the Branch Network terminates in the LAN of the Head Office Network. This concept can be extended when connecting multiple Branches.

  3. The Ubiq-Freedom UTM can be deployed in front of your Mail Server as an Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus solution.

  4. Some additional scenarios is documented in this document

Now some unusual ( and not run of the mill ) deployment scenarios -
  1. You are organizing a Seminar, a Talk or even a Conference and you want to provide Internet connectivity to the delegates. The Ubiq-Freedom UTM can be deployed here to segregate this new network from your main network. You can implement a Proxy Server with Authentication and Content Filter or even host a Mail domain.

  2. You have setup a lab and you are running different Security tools. It is also possible that you are infecting VM systems with Virus or Malware and conducting research. The Ubiq-Freedom UTM can be deployed here to protect the devices which are critical to your lab environment.

  3. You wanted to increase the visibility that you have for your Network infrastructure. By adding tools for Network Monitoring, Security Monitoring and Log Analysis on the UTM, you can use Ubiq-Freedom UTM to give you a bigger picture of your Network.

  4. You have created a new Intrusion Detection / Prevention tool (IDS / IPS), but now you have to set up a Firewall and different Network Services like DHCP Server, DNS Server, Proxy Server, VPN Server and a Mail Server just to test your tool properly. In this scenario, you can deploy the Ubiq-Freedom UTM and test your tool against it.

  5. You are a Security enthusiast. You want to do research on topics like Honeypot, Security Monitoring, Log Analysis, Intrusion Detection etc. You can deploy the Ubiq-Freedom UTM in your lab to log the traffic that is going through the Firewall. You can transparently intercept Web Traffic and Mail Traffic and redirect it through the Proxy Server and the Mail Server. The logs generated and the data captured will be valuable to your research.
There could be many other ways that you can deploy the Ubiq-Freedom UTM. In the coming days, I will keep updating this list.

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